Are You Pregnant? Try the Sugar Pregnancy Test to Find Out!

Are you wondering if you could be pregnant and finding it hard to rush out to the store to buy a pregnancy test? It is difficult to wait when you think you may possibly be pregnant – especially if you are trying to conceive. If you have just two simple ingredients on hand, you can take a DIY sugar pregnancy test.

What is the sugar pregnancy test?

The sugar pregnancy test is a do-it-yourself pregnancy test. Mothers-to-be can easily take this test in their own homes if they have sugar and a sterile bowl. Due to its simplicity, the sugar pregnancy test is a common DIY project; however, the results are not as accurate as standard pregnancy test or a doctor’s examination. All things considered, it is still a fun, easy way to test if you might be pregnant.

Make your own DIY sugar pregnancy test

This project is very simple and only uses products most everyone has in their homes. All you need are two teaspoons of sugar and a sterile bowl. The bowl must be completely clean and sterile. Results of the test will be compromised if you use a bowl that has not been sterilized.

After procuring your items, you are ready to prepare your test. You should place two teaspoons of sugar into the clean bowl. Then, you either urinate directly onto the sugar in the bowl or you may urinate into a cup and pour the urine into the bowl of sugar.

In addition to using a sterilized bowl, women should also do this test with their first urine of the day. Check Pregnancy says, “This urine is the most concentrated and the HCG pregnancy hormone will be the highest in this urine.

Identifying the results

To identify your results, you will need to look at how the sugar reacts to the urine. The sugar should begin reacting almost immediately, but you should wait a few minutes to identify the results.

If the sugar dissolves, this means the woman is not pregnant. If the sugar clumps together, then this means the woman is pregnant. The clumps should be well defined and will stay clumped and not dissolve after a few minutes.

To learn more about this DIY sugar pregnancy test, see this video.

If a woman is not able to identify the results, she either needs to test again in a few days or make an appointment with her doctor. Negative Pregnancy Test states, “While the sugar test may have given her a fair idea that she is expecting, a woman is always advised against replacing proper prenatal testing at a medical facility with any do-it-yourself testing methods.

Why does this sugar pregnancy test work?

This sugar pregnancy works much like any other pee on a stick pregnancy test – by identifying reactions. In early pregnancy, a woman’s urine will have hCG (hormone) levels that can be detected. Since the levels of hCG are high, they react with certain substances like sugar. Sugar’s visible reaction to the hCG is clumping.

Issues with this DIY test

As we mentioned earlier, your results may be compromised if the bowl is not sterile. There are also other factors that may create inaccurate results. A woman should not drink too much water before taking the test as water will dilute urine.

Additionally, the test will not work accurately if it is taken too early in the pregnancy. A woman should wait until after she has missed a period to try this DIY sugar pregnancy test. If you are checking your calendar, there are pregnancy tests you may purchase that can identify pregnancy up to two days before a missed cycle.

Other ways to identify pregnancy

Many women take this sugar pregnancy test because it is easy and fun. However, you should follow this DIY test with a standard pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test. For example, you can purchase the Accurate Allure pregnancy tests in bulk before your missed period to have on hand when the time comes to test.

If you are interested in more DIY pregnancy tests, Mom Junction provides a list of 12 different tests with household products that are easy and fun. These DIY tests include products such as toothpaste and baking soda. Remember, the best way to determine pregnancy is through a doctor’s examination.


If you are anxiously waiting to find out if you are pregnant, you can quickly make a DIY sugar pregnancy test to give you an idea. If you have sugar and a sterile bowl, you can take this at-home test. For best results, use a sterile bowl and two teaspoons of white sugar and pour your first urine of the day over the sugar. If you are pregnant, you will notice clumping. If you are not pregnant, the sugar will dissolve.

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