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Guest Posting

by Veronica Mitchell
what to write in a baby shower book


Would you like to guest post on My Parenting Journey? We are currently accepting guest posts on this site, however, we are very specific in the topics we are accepting content for. At My Parenting Journey we are all about building community and sharing information and experiences with other parents, grandparents, and educators.

Suggested Parenting Guest Post Topics

  • Birth stories
  • Baby care articles
  • Breastfeeding articles
  • Pregnancy & Birth articles
  • Kids activities
  • Recipes
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Parenting Tips/Hacks
  • Organization and Planning Tips/ Hacks
  • Anything useful and helpful that moms will find valuable
  • Funny mommy articles

What Is and Is Not Acceptable Content

  • Posts should be previously unpublished and on topic (see above). Parenting methods are a sensitive subject, and we are seeking people’s authentic and passionate words. At the same time, it is  hope that this blog will be a place where people who are curious about parenting principles will come to learn, and above all else, that this blog will be a supportive and loving community. With this in mind, we are only seeking posts that are written in a positive light.
  • Please note that all content will be checked for authenticity and quality before being accepted and published.

Formatting and Editing Requirements

  • Posts should typically be a minimum of 1000 words but no more that 2000, but that is a general guideline.
  • Use shorter paragraphs (3-6 sentences each); your post will be easier to read.
  • Organize your thoughts; use headings or lists when possible; be clear, concise, and straightforward.
  • Please proofread.  You will edit your own post, but we reserve the right to send it back to you for further proofreading if it has a large number of spelling/grammatical errors.
  • You may not link any business that you are being paid to promote in the post.
  • You cannot promote a brand or product in the guest post.
  • In case you are interested in advertising your product or service on my site. Please click here for my marketing services.
  • We reserve the right to edit (and veto) all submissions (but we will never make a substantive change without discussing it with you first).

Guest Post Bio

Please include a short bio about yourself and your blog so that  audience can get to know you better, you are also welcome to include a photo of yourself to include in the bio. We do recommend that you add a photo for your bio, it is a great way for our readers to connect with you.

Contributor Expectations

  • Guest posts are not compensated, which means you will not get paid for publishing this post on My Parenting Journey.
  • Only the original author of the content may submit a guest post request.

Parenting Guest Post Exchange  

  • If you would like to exchange guest post submissions, please let me know.

If your guest post meets the contributor guidelines, please send us an email at [email protected] and include your submission in the body of the email. We will email you within two weeks to let you know whether I am able to publish it on My Parenting Journey. If it does not fit well with our site, please don’t be offended! We do not mean it personally.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Veronica Mitchell