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About Us

by Veronica Mitchell

Hello! Welcome to My Parenting Journey. I assume you have found your way to this website because you are a parent or a caregiver. When I became a parent, I quickly realized that parenting was not a one-stop destination – it is a journey. But, the journey is different for everyone. No two parents “parent” the same; however, we can still learn from one another.

I am an information junkie – I must have all the information. So, when I became pregnant with my first child, I spent countless hours on the internet trying to find the answers to all the questions that crossed the mind. My quest for knowledge about pregnancy, babies, and parenting led me to hundreds of sites. It was overwhelming.

A Blog for Parents and Caregivers

This is why I decided to create My Parenting Journey as a one-stop internet destination for all the questions I had to hopefully help others who found themselves on a parenting journey. This site is for any parents or caregivers who have questions and want to compare different ideas and parenting products.

A Place to Address Parenting Concerns

My Parenting Journey aims to answer those questions and address the concerns all parents have about life with babies and children. We do this by offering suggestions from our personal experiences. I hope others will learn from my own experiences! Are you confused about how often your newborn needs to nap? I remember feeling unsure about it too. I printed out nap time schedules when my first-born arrived, so you are not alone.

Since I’m not a pediatrician, I do a lot of research (information junkie, remember?). I will point you in the direction of respected sources for information frequently. If you don’t want to take my advice, I hope you will take theirs.

Help with Knowing What to Buy

One of the biggest issues I faced as a first-time mom was knowing what to buy for my baby. With so many products on the market for babies, it is challenging to know what you really need and what product is the best for your family.

Here, at My Parenting Journey, I know what that is like, so I try to provide the best information from my research and personal experience about which products I use and love, and which products I can live without. I’ll try to save you some time and money. If you walk into a store blindly, you will end up with tons of stuff you will probably never use. For instance, that wipe warmer? Your baby does not need one.

Sharing Personal Experiences

As I respond to questions or suggest products, rest assured that I am speaking from personal experience. Before I became a mom, I did not realize how many odd things would happen on a daily basis. I needed someone to talk to about the weird things my baby did.

After three kids, I now see that while all our experiences are different, we are all on this parenting journey together. We can help one another by listening and by gently offering advice. I am not an expert, but open to discussing what I have learned on my own parenting journey. I can point you in the direction of expert opinions I have come to depend on. I will do my best to help you be the best parent you can be for your child.

A Welcoming Community

However, this is not just about me. I hope My Parenting Journey will be a community for parents where we can all share about our journeys. A place where we can ask questions, express concerns, and share tips safely without judgment. I invite you to come along this journey with me. Please feel free to post any questions or comments.


Tung Tu Van

Blog owner @ My Parenting Journey