How Can I Do a Bleach Pregnancy Test at Home?

No matter the circumstance that has gotten you to this point, the fact remains you are questioning whether or not you may be expecting. This is an emotion-filled experience whether you were planning to get pregnant or not. There are various methods which some women swear by to determine if you are pregnant or not, a bleach pregnancy test being one of them.

Finding a way to determine pregnancy or not in the privacy of your home may be of utmost importance to you, as it was to me since I once bought a store-brand test and got asked a million questions by the cashier. It may be something you are interested in trying if you are trying to conceive and haven’t quite missed your period, want to test but don’t want to waste money on store tests.

Method of the Test

List of Materials

  • A clean, dry cup or bowl
  • ​A clean measuring spoon or cup
  • ​Plain, household bleach
  • ​First morning urine sample
  • Face mask (optional)

How to Perform the Test

  • Collect your first morning urine in the clean, dry cup or bowl
  • ​Pour some bleach into the clean measuring spoon or cup
  • ​Take the containers to an open area with proper ventilation
  • ​Pour the bleach into the urine and wait
  • If the mixture fizzes, froths or bubbles you are said to have a positive pregnancy test, but if the mixture does nothing at all it is said to be negative

How Does the Test Actually Work?

It is said that bleach reacts to the hCG found in a pregnant woman’s urine. If you are unfamiliar, hCG is the hormone created by a developing fetus and is found in both the blood and urine of a pregnant woman.

If there isn’t enough hCG built up in your system, this could cause a negative result on most tests (except for blood tests, they are far more sensitive) which may cause your mixture to have no reaction at all.

Limitations and Warnings

Most people are aware that household bleach can be dangerous if ingested or if it comes into contact with your skin, as outlined by many professionals in the medical and wellness community. Once you mix it with urine, a chemical reaction happens which emits harmful fumes so it is very important to perform this test in an open air environment and/or use a face mask.

Also important for you to note, is that a bleach pregnancy test is not definite. The best, most reliable way to determine if you are pregnant is through blood work and next best is a home pregnancy test. Even if your bleach test does not froth, fizz or bubble, you could still very well be pregnant.

Because of the many variables involved with the bleach pregnancy test, there is no real way to determine if you have performed it exactly correctly. For example, there is no set time to wait for that frothing reaction, as there is with home urine tests. Another factor is that the amount of bleach to be used is not specified. These two considerations could change the outcome of your test, whether positive or negative.

Next Steps

If you perform the bleach pregnancy test at home and you do experience a reaction with your mixture, you should of course follow up with a home pregnancy test or a healthcare professional. This is important for your health as well as your potential child.

If you get no reaction from your bleach and urine mixture, yet still are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy and are late for your period, it is a good idea to seek medical advice to rule out a pregnancy via blood work and to also check for any other causes of a late period.

If you are curious to see the result on another DIY test, an option is the sugar pregnancy test. This is a simple, at home test which is much safer than using bleach and sugar is found in almost every household.

In Conclusion

The moment when you suspect you could pregnant, you can’t get it off your mind, whether you were planning for a child or not. Getting to a store for a home test may not be convenient or affordable for you or you would prefer to keep things private for the time being so performing a bleach pregnancy test at home may be a viable solution for you. It is important to keep these things in mind:

  • Perform the mixing of the bleach and urine in an open-air area to avoid inhaling fumes
  • ​Use clean, dry containers for the urine and bleach
  • ​Use a first morning urine sample
  • ​Never urinate directly into the bleach; you could splash bleach onto your private areas
  • ​Follow up with a professional if you experience a positive reaction such as frothing, bubbling, fizzing, or foaming
  • ​Follow up with a professional if you get a negative reaction but are still experiencing symptoms or have missed your period

Hopefully this has answered your question of how to do a bleach pregnancy test at home and how important it is to follow up with medical advice. Please leave a comment or question, we would love to hear from you.

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