What to Write in a Baby Shower Book to Show You Care

what to write in a baby shower book

A baby shower, especially for a first child, is a special occasion to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your friend’s or family member’s bundle of joy. Your loved one will be focused on talking with guests and unwrapping the plethora of baby gifts rather than reading every message in the baby shower keepsake book. However, she will read it at some point, so you should take care to write something special.

Take a look at my guide for what to write in a baby shower book to show you care.

The Purpose

The ultimate purpose of baby shower messages is to convey your love for the parents and their baby, as well as your excitement about the forthcoming arrival. This is your opportunity to gush about your love for the little family and to show them that you support them. 

Many pregnant moms purchase baby shower keepsake books so that the moms can read the messages later. These messages will uplift the mom and add encouragement and reassurance about the days ahead. In addition, many moms hold on to these special messages to share with their children as they grow to show them how they were loved before they even arrived.


The first thing to write in your baby shower message is the greeting. This salutation should reflect your relationship to the parents-to-be. This greeting will be different depending on how you know the parents. For example, you may simply greet the mother by her first name if you do not know her intimately. A friend, on the other hand, may greet her with a nickname. Here are some examples:

  • Dear Erin
  • My Dearest Friend
  • To the mother-to-be
  • Dear Mrs. Colson

Do not forget to include the dad in your greeting if he is in attendance or if your gift is meant for him.


what to write in a baby shower book

The next part of your message is the body. This is just a sentence or two that conveys your thoughts to the parents. For instance, you may choose to write a message that is sappy, sincere, funny, heartfelt, or formal. Your message should match your relationship to the parents. For instance, if you share jokes with the mom-to-be often, it is perfectly appropriate to write a funny message.

However, you must keep in mind that what you write is permanent. Therefore, write something that is thoughtful and heartfelt (even if it is funny). You should not write anything you will regret. Try to imagine the mom reading this message years later and reflecting on that special time in her pregnancy. Then, imagine the child reading it as he/she grows. What do you want to say to them?

There are plenty of places you can find inspiration for what to write in a baby shower book. You will either write a congratulatory message, blessings, well wishes, or personal reflections. Let’s look at an example of each.

  • Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your sure-to-be beautiful baby! This baby is already so loved.
  • Babies are blessings! I am praying for continued blessings over you and your baby.
  • Well wishes for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery! Your baby is so lucky to have you as a mom.
  • You are such a great friend that I know you will be the most wonderful mother. I am overjoyed to add a little one to our tribe.
  • Hello, Baby! Goodnight, Sleep! 

For Various Circumstances

what to write in a baby shower book

Not every baby shower is the same; therefore, it is important to focus on the parents and the baby. For instance, there are sometimes special or difficult circumstances. For instance, many people host baby showers for families adopting babies. Your message should be worded a little differently with this in mind. For example: “We are celebrating your prayers being answered alongside you.” 

If you attend a baby shower where there are serious medical concerns about the baby and/or the mother, this is also something you should remember as you write the message. Try to stay positive and encouraging, but keep the silliness at bay. The parents will appreciate heartfelt messages, but it may be difficult to laugh at possibilities they may not experience. 


Finally, you should end your message with a closing sentiment and your name. This is the easiest part of the message, but it is important. This is how the mom will know who wrote the message when she is tired from sleepless nights, so be sure you write your name. For example:

  • Love, Jen
  • Blessings, Jen
  • Thinking of you, Jen

To Wrap Up

Baby showers are exciting times to celebrate your loved one and the upcoming arrival of a little bundle of joy. As long as your words are heartfelt, they will be appreciated. Keep your message short and sweet, and it will be loved forever. While you are at it, don’t forget to buy the parents some diapers!

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