What do You Need to Buy for Your New Dad Survival Kit?

new dad survival kit

Dads play an important role in bringing up a child. However, because they haven’t given birth like the mother, building a connection between dad and child can take a little longer. To help with that, a dad survival kit is a great tool to use, giving dad a few things to get his relationship on the right track with his newborn baby.

The survival kit can be a collection of different things, covering the important basics, right up to special presents that can be cherished between a dad and his new baby.

The Essentials

In my opinion, it is vital that a dad begins to bond with his new child as soon as possible. A mom has had the past nine months to bond, while going through the pregnancy stage but a dad hasn’t really had the chance to do that. In a new dad survival kit, make sure you place some essential items to allow dads that important bonding time early on.

A handful of diapers, wipes and bags should make up the bulk of your new dad survival kit. This will encourage the new dad to get involved with changing diapers early on, giving them bonding time together in the first few days. If you are struggling to decide how many diapers to buy, then take a look at this article here.

Another bonding opportunity dads have is to bath their newborn child. In the essentials section, make sure you add some baby wash to encourage the new dad to take control at bath time. This can give the dad an opportunity to take care of their newborn child, while also creating a fun, bonding time that they can share.

Lighten the Mood With a New Dad Survival Kit

new dad survival kit

You don’t need to fill a new dad survival kit with baby essentials only. After putting in the essentials above, lighten the mood by adding various items specifically for dad, to allow him to rest up. I like the idea of putting some beer inside the kit, a reward after having a tough day looking after his newborn child.

It’s always nice for a dad to have treats to look forward to, so filling the box full of favourite chocolates, sweets and other treats is also a good idea. When dad has had a tough day with his newborn child, he can find some time to relax at night with his feet up, eating some of his favourite treats.

To round off the fun side of the new dad survival kit, include a gift that he can keep and use with pride. The best thing for this is a new mug, with something dad related written on the side. Things like this are found all over and make a nice addition to the kit, giving the dad something to use regularly, but something that will last and hold the memories of this time.

A Special Gift From Dad to Baby

new dad survival kit

The final item I would recommend putting in a new dad survival kit is a cuddly toy, that can be the special keepsake gift that dad gives to his newborn child. Children will get showered with gifts from a young age, but special gifts from parents that can be kept are still the most important gifts of all. To get some ideas for this gift you can take a look here.

This cuddly toy can be something that is kept and treasured by the child for a long time, this will be a gift that lasts for a number of years. Children often have their own favourite toys that they keep with them and it would be fantastic for the dad to see his child choose his gift as the toy that they keep with them all the time.

To me, this idea rounds the box off nicely, it gives it a centerpiece that hopefully the child will love. Above all else, seeing the child play with a toy specifically bought for them from their dad, should make the dad feel great and give him an instant connection with the child.

Create Your New Dad Survival Kit Now!

Now is a great time to put together your new dad survival kit. When looking for ideas, make sure you follow the basic steps below.

  • Add the essentials, diapers, wipes and bath wash to give the new dad as many bonding opportunities as possible
  • ​Don’t forget the fun! Give the new dad a break by adding his favourite treats, giving him the ultimate chill out time at night
  • A special gift from dad to his newborn child will round off the box brilliantly. This gives both of them something to treasure forever.

If you like our ideas for the new dad survival kit then please leave us a comment telling us about your experiences and share the article.

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Victoria - Lylia Rose - August 6, 2017

It’s such a great idea for new Dads! I didn’t do one with my hubby, but I did do some presents for in the hospital when we had our first. A ‘Where’s Wally’ book in case it was a long labour, a Daddy keyring and some snacks all wrapped up as presents!


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