Does Your Hips Widen During Pregnancy? Yes, With Other Changes Too

does your hips widen during pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting! You are anticipating welcoming your little bundle into the world and your body is helping you prepare for the big event. Along with all the baby excitement, your body is also going through a lot of changes. Of course, your stomach is growing a little more each day. But, what else is happening?

If you are already worrying about the changes to your body, you are not alone. Many women lose sleep questioning what will happen to their post-baby bodies. Yes, your body will change. Most of these changes happen during the pregnancy for a reason. For example, do your hips widen during pregnancy? Yes! But, this hip widening is just one difference you may notice. Let’s look at some other possibilities.

Differences to Your Hips

Depending on your body type, you may be worried or excited about the possibility of your hips widening due to pregnancy. Either way, it is going to happen. For some women, this will be more noticeable than others. The simple explanation for your hips widening during pregnancy is to allow your body the room he/she needs to move from the womb through the birth canal. 

As Parents explains, “During the third trimester, pregnancy hormones cause the ligaments holding the pelvic girdle together to soften, allowing the birth canal to widen during labor and delivery. Also, as the pregnancy progresses and you gain more weight, more fat collects on the outside of the hips.”

You might not want to hear it, but the best way to deal with your new size is diet and exercise. Many women can get their post-baby bodies back into pre-baby shape. However, you may lose the extra weight and still need to wear a size bigger just to accommodate your wider hips.

Differences to Your Hair

does your hips widen during pregnancy

Another difference that shocks many women is the differences in their hair after their babies are born. For some women, this means their once straight hair now has curls or vice versa. Your hair texture may completely change. 

Women are also surprised to find that they lose quite a bit of hair post-partum. This is because the estrogen during pregnancy usually makes hair healthier, longer, and thicker. When this hormone decreases after birth, your normal pre-baby hair cycle will return (which may result in the loss of hair). 

Differences to Your Feet

Women may also notice that their shoes no longer fit even after their babies are born. Why? During pregnancy, your pregnancy hormones cause your feet to change as well. If your feet flattened during your pregnancy, you may need to go up a half size in your shoes to accommodate the new, flattened length. 

Differences to Your Skin

Unfortunately, one of the most common noticeable changes after giving birth is the differences to your skin. Stretch marks are very common, and many women notice them appearing during pregnancy. They do not go away on their own, but you can use lotions during pregnancy to help. Additionally, there are some procedures that can be done to remove them post-pregnancy.

In addition, some women develop bulgy dark blue veins, which are known as varicose veins. These also begin to occur during pregnancy and do not disappear on their own. Again, you can seek medical treatment, such as laser procedures, if you choose.
However, please rest assured that should you notice these changes to your skin, you are experiencing what women all over the world have experienced because of carrying a child into the world.

Differences to Your Breast

does your hips widen during pregnancy

One of the first signs of pregnancy is changes to your breast. Your breasts will continue to change throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. During pregnancy, your breasts are preparing to be your baby’s milk supply, so they will grow larger.
After your child is born and you stop breastfeeding, you may be shocked to discover your breasts have shrunk. After the milk goes away, there may be noticeable differences to your breasts. Some women notice their breasts sag and become smaller. This is all part of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Differences to Your Bladder 

By now, you have probably been warned that your bladder may change post-pregnancy. This is, unfortunately, true for many women. After giving birth, some mothers struggle with incontinence or have a hard time holding their pee.
Helpful tip: While it does not happen to every mother, you may want to avoid jumping on a trampoline until you’ve relieved yourself.

To Wrap Up

The amazing miracle of pregnancy and childbirth will change you. It will change your body and who you are as a person. While some of the changes will take some getting used to, the most important thing to remember is that you are now a mother. If you are genuinely concerned about your post-baby body, please speak to your healthcare professional. 

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