Early Bonding Tips for Dads and their Newborn Baby

bonding tips for dads with newborn baby

New mums have been bonding for the past nine months with their child, however dads can often find this difficult to do. The first few weeks are often also made difficult by the number of visitors you have, and all of a sudden dad will feel like he hasn’t bonded. Here we have some bonding tips for dads that will give you all the help you need.

Once you know what to do your time together will be special. You will form a close bond, just like the newborn has with their mother, and this will leave you feeling great.

Catch as Many Special Early Moments as Possible

Any parent will tell you that the first few weeks after you bring home your newborn baby are filled with visitors. This is great, and everyone wants to see the baby, however it makes it hard to find time to spend together as a family. People visiting often get in the way of quality family time, and you need to make sure you have that in the early days.

The early moments between dad and baby are very special and they are vital in creating that long lasting loving bond that we all crave for. Finding time will be hard, but make sure that the few precious moments you have you take advantage of. Cherish the time you have together, this is a special moment for you and your newborn baby.

Make Bath Time, Dad Time!

bonding tips for dads with newborn baby

This tip is important for any dad, but it is even more important if your partner is breastfeeding your baby. If she is then bath time is probably the only intimate time you will have together for a few months. Bath time is a great moment and one that is fantastic for bonding, embrace it and take charge, you will love it.

Use bath time to begin your relationship with your baby properly, talk to your baby and have eye contact. This is all about making sure your baby can begin to associate your voice and smell with someone who is very special to them.

The best thing about bath time is that it happens every day, so by taking control of bath time you are setting aside dad and baby time every single day. This gives you the opportunity for some one on one time together, without actually planning to do anything, and it also gives your partner some time off.

Arrange Some Dad Time to Give Your Partner a Break

Bonding with your newborn baby doesn’t have to be just about bonding with them. It can also help out your partner, giving her some much needed time off and a break from her very busy new life. She will welcome the chance to have an hour alone, while it will be great for you to spend an hour away with just your newborn baby for company.

Assuming the weather is nice enough, a walk around your local park will be ideal for this. You two will get to walk around together while your partner will have an hour with the house empty. This is a great way to help out your partner and also to create bonding time with your newborn.

Buy a Special Daddy Toy

bonding tips for dads with newborn baby

Your child will receive a lot of toys and gifts from friends and family in the first few weeks. However, what I did was bought my child a special gift from daddy that they can keep for the rest of their lives. This gift will symbolize the moment that a bond started between you and later in life it is something they will cherish.

As your child grows older, they will understand what they have and it will hopefully become a very precious item to them. Not only will they cherish it, but they will always remember it as the first toy that dad bought them.

There are many different soft toys available, choose one that you think your baby will love!

Create Time and Buy a Keepsake

When you are looking for ways to bond with your newborn, you have to create time in many different ways. Finding time together, especially in the early weeks, can be really tough. However, when you do find the time, you will create a special bond that no one will be able to break between you, and life will feel complete.

Time with your newborn will be special, cherish and savour the moments you have together, and don’t forget to buy that special toy.

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