Wondering What to Wear After Cesarean Section? We’ve Got You Covered

what to wear after cesarean section

Hooray! You are reaching the end of what may seem like a never-ending pregnancy and your sweet baby will be in your arms very soon. Now is the time to start packing your hospital bags and planning for the days ahead. You’ve probably already been told to pack your maternity pants because unfortunately giving birth does not mean you will immediately shrink back to your pre-pregnancy size.

But, wait, you are having a cesarean section. What difference does that make in how you pack? Well, it will make a bit of a difference. If you are wondering what to wear after a cesarean section, we have identified the must have items you need in the first few days after your baby arrives. 

C-Section Basics

Many mothers welcome their babies enter the world via a cesarean section. According to Baby Center, “A C-section, or cesarean section, is the delivery of a baby through a surgical incision in the mother's abdomen and uterus. In certain circumstances, a C-section is scheduled in advance. In others, it's done in response to an unforeseen complication.”

As many as 1/3 of babies are born this way. If you have a scheduled C-section, then you can go ahead and pack your bag for what to wear after your surgery is over. However, even if you have an emergency C-section, your loved ones can use our guide to go home and get the clothing items you will need.

Supportive Undergarments

Let’s start with the basic undergarments. In your hospital bag, you need to make sure you pack a great supportive nursing bra. You want to choose a nursing bra that you are comfortable wearing and using for feeding your baby.

As far as your underwear, choose something comfortable. This is not a time when you want to be wearing cute or flattering panties. You will be wearing hospital size maxi pads, so the underwear should be large. In addition, make sure the underwear you pack are not low-rise because you want to avoid anything resting on your C-section scar. Pack your most comfortable granny panties.

Loose Tops

You should pack loose tops in your hospital bag for two reasons. First, you want a shirt or top that is comfortable. A tight-fitting shirt is not a great choice after delivery. Second, you want to wear a loose shirt for breastfeeding purposes. For example, a loose button-down shirt will be easy for breastfeeding your baby and comfortable.

Comfortable Bottoms

what to wear after cesarean section

Probably the most important clothing item you need to pack in your hospital bag after a cesarean section is comfortable bottoms. Depending on the outside temperature, you will need to pack either pants of shorts. Either way, you should choose bottoms that are not tight fitting (like skinny jeans) and are not low rise.

You do not want to pack any pants that will potentially rest on your C-section scar. Instead, choose bottoms like yoga pants or leggings that rest higher on your abdomen. Remember, you will not be your pre-pregnancy size; therefore, pack a maternity sized pair of bottoms.

Flowing Dresses

Many moms who deliver their babies via cesarean section choose to wear flowing dresses. This is because these dresses avoid any issues with touching your C-section scar. There is not pressure to this uncomfortable area. Dresses also give you more freedom to move and are comfortable.

Additionally, it is easier to take care of your C-section scar when you do not have anything resting on top of it. Plus, many of these flowing maxi-style dresses make breastfeeding easy. Many moms choose dresses for these reasons, as well as simply wanting to feel a little fashionable.

Other C-Section Must Haves

what to wear after cesarean section

In the hospital, you will be presented with mesh underwear and hospital grade maxi pads. The mesh underwear is good for the hospital only. You should not plan on wearing these lovely items home. As I mentioned earlier, you want to pack some large underwear with higher waistbands.

However, you should stack up on the hospital’s maxi pads. First, you need them because you will need maxi pads to help while you deal with lochia (the bleeding that continues after birth). Next, these thick maxi pads actually make a great band-aid for your C-section scar. If you place the maxi pad over your scar and under your underwear, it provides a safety cushion.

Finally, you should also plan to have a small pillow with you at all times. It sounds strange, but a small pillow on your abdomen will help you as you heal from your C-section. Anytime you cough or laugh or move, the pillow provides some relief.

To Wrap Up

Ultimately, when packing clothing for after a C-section, comfort should be your ultimate goal. Avoid packing any clothing that will be tight on the C-section area, and instead choose loose, comfortable clothing that is functional. 

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