Considering Using A Laundry Basket Bassinet? Read This First

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to sleeping arrangements for your baby. Are you feeling conflicted about which choice to make? Have you caught yourself looking at Moses Baskets or considering making your own laundry basket bassinet? Before you decide, read this information to see if it is the right choice for you.

What are These Types of Bassinets?

If you are finding yourself falling in love with a bassinet that looks like a woven laundry basket, then you are most likely looking at what is commonly referred to as a Moses Basket. A Moses Basket is a small woven bed for a baby that resembles a basket with handles.

This type of bassinet is popular because it is small and portable. Most parents use these as an alternative to a standard bassinet because they can keep their sleeping babies close to them at all times. In “Moses Basket, Crib, or Bassinet,” Healthguide writer, Elizabeth Danish, examines the history of Moses Baskets and their popularity.

Some parents have started to make their own laundry basket bassinets rather than purchasing a standard bassinet or a Moses Basket. This is a cheaper alternative for parents looking for a similar option.


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There are multiple benefits for using a Moses Basket. Besides their small size and portability, these sleeping baskets are lightweight and can be moved from room to room easily using the handles. In addition, they are a much cheaper option than a crib and are still aesthetically pleasing.

Carie Turk, the owner of Simply Baby and Kids, shares her perspective on why Moses Baskets are great choices for babies. She feels that the ability to keep your baby with you anywhere you go is a major benefit. You can hear her thoughts and see more tips for using a Moses Basket in this Youtube video.

Length of Use

While one of the benefits of a Moses Basket is its small size, you should recognize that the small size also means you will not use it for long. These baskets can only be used up to 4 months old at the most – some babies must transition out of the basket even earlier depending on weight.

Many of these baskets are only made for babies up to 15 pounds. Parents must pay attention to their baby’s weight when using these baskets. Due to their woven style and the materials, more pounds start to weaken the basket.

How to Make Your Own Laundry Basket Bassinet

Some parents are opting to make their own laundry basket bassinets because they are a cheaper option and are only used for a short period of time. A Moses Basket even looks like a wicker laundry basket, so why spend the extra money if you are crafty and safe?

If you’d like to make your own, you will need to assemble all your supplies. You must first choose a sturdy plastic laundry basket. Then, gather a foam sheet that is 1-2 inches thick and a pillowcase.

Babies need firm mattresses, so make sure the foam sheet you choose meets this requirement and cut it to fit the bottom of the basket. Place it inside the pillow case. In order to be safe, you should sew the pillowcase around the foam sheet. That’s it! You can make one as simple or as fancy as you’d like. Just make sure the basket is clean, sturdy and there is nothing loose.

Safety Concerns

Current pediatricians are recommending that babies should sleep in their parents’ rooms until at least six months of age on their backs on a firm mattress. This is part of the appeal of a Moses Basket. According to, you can safely use a Moses Basket only if you follow safety requirements.

You must be sure to use a firm mattress in the bottom of the basket rather than using loose baby blankets. Soft bedding is a suffocation risk and there is an association with SIDS. Additionally, these types of baskets should never be placed on a high surface due to the possibility of falls or fall-related injuries.

Furthermore, babies should never be carried in Moses Baskets since they do not come with seat belts. Finally, you should transition your baby from the basket to the crib as soon as your baby is rolling over.

What about a Traditional Bassinet?

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After reading this article, if you are feeling uneasy about making your own laundry basket bassinet or purchasing a Moses Basket, you should consider using a traditional bassinet. New standard bassinets are designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

The difference between a basket and a bassinet is a bassinet is designed to stand, while a basket is placed on the ground. For this reason, parents often think a basket is more portable. However, many modern bassinets are portable. By reviewing “Looking for a Bassinet? Here’s My Quest to Find the Best Bassinet for Babies,” you can see which bassinets are portable, safe and affordable.

To Wrap Up

Moses Baskets or laundry basket bassinets are small portable sleep options for babies up to four months of age. While they are conveniently sized, safety must be your number one priority when you come to choosing where your baby will sleep. After reading through this article, what other questions do you have about these baskets for babies?

  • There are many benefits to using a basket for your baby
  • They can only be used up to 4 months of age
  • Consider making your own laundry basket bassinet
  • But, keep safety in mind
  • If you are still unsure, consider a traditional bassinet
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