How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need? More Than You Think!

Shopping for baby products often feels like an overwhelming task because there is an abundance of things you will need for your baby. Add to that the idea that there are some products you need multiples of such as bottles, pacifiers, and crib sheets – and you may feel lost. No worries!

The goal when shopping for baby products is to find the best products in your budget that will keep your baby healthy and happy. After this goal is met, then you buy the products that will make your life easier. This is why you hear other parents telling you to buy more than one crib sheet. Experience has let parents know you will want extra crib sheets to make your life easier. Let’s see why.

What is a Crib Sheet?

A crib sheet is a sheet that is specifically designed to fit a crib mattress. These are smaller sheets and most often have elastic fitting sides to wrap safely around the crib mattress. Parents should only use crib sheets on their baby’s crib since these fit better than a regular sheet. A regular sheet may become loose and cause suffocation concerns. Crib sheets come in a variety of fabrics and designs.

One is Not Enough

Simply put, one crib sheet is not enough. When you go to shop for your baby or create a registry, you will see that the list suggests more than one crib sheet. Why? If you only purchase one crib sheet, your life will be busy cleaning it constantly. And, your life does not need to be any busier than it already is with a newborn baby.

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Babies Make Lots of Messes

Babies are cute, but they are messy. Babies spit out, they drool, they have diaper explosions, and even more messes. Additionally, there is a real possibility that your baby will be sick at some point. This is the main reason why parents are encouraged to buy multiple sets of crib sheets.

Your baby should not sleep on dirty crib sheets, and if you do not have an extra set, then you run the risk of your baby’s crib sheet being dirty when he/she needs to sleep. Naturally, you do not want your baby sleeping on a bare crib or on a messy sheet.

There Will Be Lots of Washing

Considering what we just discussed above, you will be doing lots of washing. If you only have one set of crib sheets, then you will constantly be washing it to get rid of germs or messes. Babies sleep a lot in the first year, so it means you will be running back and forth to the laundry room in between naptimes.

All the washing will also wear on the crib sheet. The sheet will lose some of its soft feel, and depending on the initial quality, the sheet may become worn and ragged after several washes resulting in holes or tears.

How Many Crib Sheets Do You Need at a Minimum?

With my babies, I always purchased a minimum of three crib sheets. This way there is always at least one clean sheet. When a crib sheet is in the laundry and the next one gets dirty, there is still one more crib sheet to thrown on the crib at a minute’s notice. For example, when a baby is sick, you will simply not have time to wash sheets quickly enough.

While I suggest purchasing three crib sheets at a minimum, if you end up with more than three, do not return them! There is a real possibility you will use more than three. Plus, crib sheets have a lifetime past the baby years. If your baby ends up using a toddler bed, toddler beds are also sized for crib mattresses.

Things to Consider When Shopping

As you shop for crib sheets, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should consider the overall quality for the cost. For example, crib sheets are made of different fabrics (polyester, cotton, organic, flannel, etc.), as well as different thread counts. Choose the crib sheets that will last the longest and through multiple washes.

Some parents choose crib sets that match their baby’s bedding and nursery. While this is aesthetically pleasing, it is a good idea to purchase additional crib sheets in a plain color that matches for easy swaps when the matching sheet is dirty. Considering all this laundry, make sure you also purchase the best baby detergent.

How to Store Your Extra Crib Sheets

After you purchase your crib sheets, you will need to store them. As most people recognize, folding a fitted sheet is not a simple task. However, Susan Penning has made a video to guide new parents through this process and simplify storing your baby’s crib sheets.

To Wrap Up

Don’t ignore friends and family who suggest you buy multiple crib sheets! It is much easier to have at least three crib sheets available when it comes to washing and dealing with baby messes. These are extra purchases you will not regret.

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