What Needs to be Inside a Hospital Bag for Dad?

hospital bag for dad

One of the most important things an expectant mum will have to do is to pack her hospital bag. A lot of focus is placed on this, and she will have spent many weeks packing and unpacking to bag to make sure she has everything she needs. But what about a hospital bag for dad?

A dad needs to have many essential items when he goes to the hospital, both for himself and for his partner. This is something that many people often forget about, don’t fall into the same trap. Make sure you are one of the most prepared dads in the hospital, by packing your hospital bag full of the essential items you need right now!

Pack Your Essentials to Pass Time

Every dad who is taking their partner into hospital will need something with them to help pass time. I can assure you that you will be bored at some point in the hospital, unless you have a very quick pregnancy, but it is always best to prepare for the worst case scenario. With this in mind, I would always plan to have a couple of different things, that will help pass time for a few hours.

The first thing to take is something you will probably take anyway, that is your phone. With access to the internet, and to any games you have downloaded, your phone will help you to pass the time in hospital while you are waiting for things to happen. Something a lot of people forget is a charger, if you are taking your phone then make sure you pack a charger.

I also think it is a very good idea to take something with you that you can read. Even if you don’t read regularly, you can still take a magazine to the hospital with you. For those that do read regular, make sure you take your latest paperback with you, or take your kindle loaded up with your latest purchases.

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Pack Food and Drink for Two

hospital bag for dad

When you think about having food or drink in the hospital, the first thing you think is that you will be able to go to the on-site shop or cafe to get something. That is great during visiting hours, but after hours these close and you may be left with nothing available. You are likely to be at the hospital during unsocial hours when they are closed, make sure you have a plan.

Another reason why you need to take food and drink with you is that your partner will probably not want you to be leaving her side every time you want something. If you are heading to the cafe for lunch then she won’t mind, but heading to buy snacks every hour is something she won’t want. Taking snacks will keep you in the room for longer, where you can support your partner.

Snacks like crisps, cereal bars and sweets are all perfect to take with you to the hospital. Make sure you take enough for two as you never know what mood your partner will be in, have some available if she wants some. You can get your main meals from the shop or cafe, as you know they will be open, and use your snacks in between and when the shops are closed.

Pack a Toiletry Bag

Hospitals have advanced a lot recently, and many offer places for dads to freshen up. On the ward prior to going into the labour suite I was able to access a room that had a sink and mirror so I could freshen up before heading down to the suite.

When you head to the labour ward, you should have even more available for you. I was able to use the shower inside the room, that is for both pregnant ladies and their partners, which was fantastic. You may be in the hospital for well over 24 hours like I was, pack a toiletry bag so you can take advantage of the facilities and keep yourself feeling fresh.

Don’t Forget Cash

Something a lot of people forget is to take some cash with them, especially loose change for car park charges and vending machines. To make sure you are covered, keep some cash, including change, in your hospital bag. Do this now, and make sure you don’t take it out of there under any circumstances.

The Ultimate List for Dad’s Hospital Bag

If you are a dad who is about to take his partner to the hospital, make sure you think about packing your own hospital bag very soon. This bag is just as important as the one your partner has been packing for weeks. Make sure you don’t miss any essential items by following our hospital bag checklist below.

Here is a list of hospital bag essentials that every dad should pack:

  • Phone charger - don’t let your phone die
  • ​Something to read - a kindle or simply a magazine
  • ​Money - for food and drink, as well as change to pay for the car park
  • Drinks - enough for both you and your partner
  • ​Snacks - again, enough so your partner can have some
  • Toiletry bag - you may be able to freshen up on the labour suite

Make sure you are one of the most prepared dad’s in hospital by packing your own hospital bag now, full of the essentials you need. This will make your time at the hospital much easier and you will be prepared for anything that happens.

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