Feeling Foot Pain After Pregnancy? There are Plenty of Reasons Why!

foot pain after pregnancy

Are you worried about foot pain after pregnancy? Believe it or not, foot pain is very common after pregnancy. But, it is one of those things people do not talk about so new moms are left in the dark. When I was pregnant, I was constantly surprised by the weird things that happened to my body such as inner thigh pain and foot pain.

If you are experiencing these same feelings, do not think you are the only one. Let’s address it today so you can feel less anxious if you are already dealing with it or be prepared if you are still in the throes of pregnancy.

Oh, The Swelling!

By now, you are well aware of the swelling that takes place during pregnancy. On top of your belly growing and your overall appearance getting a little fuller, you have probably noticed your feet and ankles swelling.

The swelling of the feet is also known as edema. This tends to occur in the last part of the pregnancy is a result of your body producing more blood without the normal circulation. So, the blood gathers in the lower parts of your body – your feet. Add in water retention and the extra weight your feet is having to bear when you stand, and it is easy to understand the swelling.

While swelling of the feet is uncomfortable, you should contact your doctor immediately if you notice swelling of your hands and face or if one foot is significantly more swollen than the other as this may indicate other problems.

Arch Pains and Problems

foot pain after pregnancy

Unfortunately, many new moms experience arch pains. This can mean their arch has flattened and their feet are now more inward (also known as over-pronation). This type of arch problem is painful and uncomfortable. It is usually caused by the weight gain during pregnancy.

The hormone progesterone also affects your ligaments, which can change the support your arch needs leaving you with pain in your arch or heel. With both issues, you may speak to your doctor about ways to find relief with medication.

Have You Heard of Plantar Fasciitis?

Some foot pain is the result of plantar fasciitis, which is something that occurs more commonly in pregnant women than in others. This condition affects the tissue, the plantar fascia, in your foot. Due to sudden weight gain and not enough support, this condition causes women to have inflammation and a sharp pain in their heel.

Worried About Numbness?

Other new moms may experience what feels like a tingling or numbness in their foot. According to Parenting, “When you were pregnant, the veins around your pelvis were compressed, limiting the blood flow from your feet -- and causing tingling or numbness. It can take as long as a year for the blood flow to return to normal in some women, but the real cause for concern is if you had gestational diabetes.”

But, That’s Not All – You May Have a Different Shoe Size Now

foot pain after pregnancy

As if swelling and foot pain were not enough to deal with after pregnancy, you may discover you have a brand-new shoe size…permanently. As some women’s feet flatten during pregnancy, they may need to go up about a half size larger to find shoes that fit and are comfortable.

How to Find Relief

If you are still pregnant, there are several things you can do to help with foot pain before it becomes a long-term problem. First, purchase shoes that support the arch of your foot. This is much better than carrying the additional weight while wearing flip flips.

Women should also elevate their feet often. For example, if you notice you have been sitting for a while, place your feet on a stool. You should also aim to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Both help with swelling and water retention.

Change your shoe size if you feel like your shoes are too tight or uncomfortable. It is much better in the long run to buy shoes in a larger size than to squeeze into shoes that no longer fit. You should also consider buying shoe inserts that add support.

If your baby has arrived and you are still experiencing foot pain, try to ice your feet regularly to avoid inflammation. You can also try a various foot and leg stretches. If you are still in pain, you should contact your doctor. Doctors may advise a supplement or a medication to take to help alleviate some of the pain.

To Wrap Up…

Foot pain is not any fun. Unfortunately, foot pain may continue even after your pregnancy is over. It is best to take care of your feet in advance before you have to seek help afterwards. Wear shoes that provide support, elevate your feet, and rest often.

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