The Best Formula For Spit Up and Gas (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

best formula for spit up and gas

It is an unfortunate reality for us parents that babies have a ton of gas. Even if there is no underlying digestive problem, they will spit up, burp, and fart all day long. Of course, there are some ways that you can improve this unfortunate situation. For instance, if you feed them the best formula for spit up and gas, the odds are that they won’t do it quite as much.

But how on Earth are you supposed to find the best formula? There are thousands of choices out there for Pete’s sake! Well don’t you worry about it, I’ve got you covered! I’ll give you all the info you need to make sure you pick the right formula for your baby’s needs and give you an in-depth look at some of the best of the best on the market.

Best Formula For Spit Up and Gas (Updated)

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Buyer's Guide

Reasons Your Baby Spits Up Or Has Excess Gas

best formula for spit up and gas

Like I said, almost every single baby in the world will have a gassy day or spit up every once in awhile. However, if this persists or seems too frequent, there could be an underlying cause that you need to figure out in order to help your little one. These could include:

Gulping Air While Feeding

Probably the most common cause for a baby’s gassiness is that they are gulping down tons of air while they are feeding, especially if they are bottle fed. This can be combatted with a higher-quality formula or a different bottle which is designed to slow your baby down when they drink.


Reflux is absolutely no fun for the parent or the child! When a kid with reflux eats, some of their stomach acids come up their esophagus, which causes tons of irritation, which causes the baby to spit up their meal.

If you think your little one might have reflux, be sure to ask your doctor for testing and treatment options. Getting the best bottles for reflux or a change in formula would most likely help in this case as well.


Allergies are really had to diagnose, especially in very young children. However, some of the symptoms involved with a food allergy are gas (especially if the child is lactose intolerant) and spitting up. If your baby has an allergy to lactose, you can find tons of options out there for formulas that are not milk based.

It Could Be Their Bottle

Something else that you can take into consideration before you go switching up your kid’s formula is the bottle they are drinking from. The bottle and nipple can have a profound effect on your baby’s gas and spit up, so make sure that you have the right one.

Proper Nipple Size 

Make sure that the nipple is staying full during your baby’s entire feeding. Otherwise, they will be swallowing too much air. This will happen a lot if the nipple is overly large, so be sure that you have one on the bottle that is just the right size to give your baby enough to eat without making them swallow a ton of air as well.

Air Flow Control Valve

An air flow valve will help to reduce the number of air bubbles in your child’s formula, which will limit the amount of air that they swallow. This will keep them from spitting up or getting excessively gassy. 

Key Features To Keep In Mind


The last thing that you’re going to want to have to do with a new or even older baby is run to the store all the time to pick up the formula. Make sure you look for a formula that comes in a quantity that will work for your family’s shopping schedule, so you won’t need to make special trips just to pick it up. You can also make sure that the formula is available online so you won’t ever run out!


I know, I know, it’s an obvious one, but hear me out! I just want to make sure that in your desperate search for a solution to your baby’s problems you don’t simply run out and get the most expensive formula option thinking that it’s the best.

It is much more important to find out what is causing the issue and pick your formula based on that, rather than looking at the price as an indicator of the formula’s effectiveness. 

Milk Based

Milk based or not milk based, that is the question, at least when it comes to formula! Milk based formulas are generally the preferred type for baby’s since they are the closest thing to breast milk. However, if your baby is unable to digest them, then they simply won’t work. In that case, you can get a non-dairy based formula to try to meet your little one’s dietary needs. 

Vitamin Enriched

No matter what type of formula you end up using, always make sure that it is packed with the vitamins and nutrients that your baby needs to grow. Be sure to check the nutrition facts carefully to assure yourself that your formula choice has all the right vitamins keep you little one healthy and thriving. 

The Good: It will come as no surprise that Gerber has perhaps made the best formula for spit up and gas since they have been making quality products for babies for a very long time. This formula is wonderful for a number of reasons, but the thing I liked the most about it was the fact that it included a probiotic.

By adding in a probiotic, Gerber is aiding your baby’s digestive system, which should help to reduce the amount of gas they have to expel, which will make for a much happier baby.

The formula is also packed with nutrient, vitamins, and proteins that make it not only easy for your baby to ingest and keep down, but also make it an extremely healthy option as well.

The Bad: I am unsure why this occurred, but the formula was a little tricky to mix the first time I tried it out. It didn’t seem to dissolve with the recommended amount of water. However, once I bumped up the water level a little bit, it was no problem to mix.

The Long and Short of It: This formula, which you can view here, was packed with great nutrients and vitamins to aid in proper development, as well as easily digested proteins and probiotics to help with gas and spit up issues. While it was a little tricky to mix, it is still a great product.

2. Enfamil Prosobee Soy Infant Formula Powder

The Good: Enfamil is another highly regarded baby brand, and they really show why with this product. It is a lactose-free, soy based formula which would work extremely well for a baby with an allergy to milk. Which of course, will help you to reduce the amount of gas that your baby experiences, as well as limiting the number of times they spit up.

Another wonderful feature for this formula is the fact that it is pre-mixed, which will save you lots of time and effort. This lack of prep makes this formula perfect for an on the go family, which is all of us!

The Bad: Of course, like most things in life, you can’t get a good thing without trading it for a not so good thing. In the case of this formula, which you can check out here, it is the price. Since it is soy based, the formula is harder to make, which makes it more expensive for you, the consumer.

The Long and Short of It: If you are looking for a way to relieve your baby’s milk allergies with a good formula, then this is worth looking into! The formula is a bit expensive, however.

3. Similac Sensitive Infant Formula with Iron

The Good: Similac has done something really cool here, in that they have made a milk based formula for babies with a milk sensitivity. So cool! They did this by engineering the formula without lactose, which will allow any child, including those with milk allergies, to break it down and digest it without spitting up or being too gassy.

The Bad: This formula has been found to cause a bit of constipation in some infants, though not all. It would still be worth a try, but I would hate for you to take care of a problem, only to see it replaced by its polar opposite.

The Long and Short of It: This formula is great for babies with a milk allergy, as it doesn’t contain lactose, even though it is milk-based. It can cause constipation in some infants, however. If you want more info on this formula, you can find it here.

4. Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Baby Formula

The Good: This formula is another good choice for babies with a milk allergy which causes them to spit up or become overly gassy. It features plenty of vitamins and nutrients, a probiotic, and is designed to allow babies with a sensitivity to milk break down milk proteins.

The Bad: All formulas have a different kind of odor to them, but this one takes the cake. It wasn’t that it has a bad smell, but a strong one. If you have a sensitive sniffer or your little one is turned off by adverse smells, then this might not be a good choice for you.

The Long and Short of It:
This formula, which you can view here, is great for getting kids with milk allergies back on track, although it does it in a strong smelling way.

5. Enfamil Gentlease Baby Formula

The Good: Of all the formulas I looked into, this is probably the closest thing to breast milk out there. This is because it contains DHA and other valuable brain building vitamins that your baby needs for proper development.

The Bad: Since this product is premixed, it is a bit more expensive than other formulas. It is also a bit tougher to store as well since the bottles take up a lot more cabinet space than a powder based formula would.

The Long and Short of It: Enfamil has created a formula, which you can check out here, that is very close to breast milk in that it is packed with brain building vitamins and nutrients. It is, however, a bit pricey and tough to store once you get it home. 

And The Winner Is...

After a careful review of all the different options out there, I am pleased to announce that I have found Gerber Good Start Soothe Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula to be the best formula for spit up and gas on the market today! It has everything your baby needs to grow and features designed to keep your little one from spitting up or being too gassy. I highly recommend that you check it out and give it a try!

What A Relief!

I do hope that you will be able to use the knowledge you gained here to help your baby to keep their food down and not gas up your house too much! If you have any questions, comments, or formula suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below. Have an absolutely marvelous day and thank you very much for reading!

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