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As a baby, your child will undoubtedly use a bottle at least once. I mean, who has the time to breastfeed all the time? Not me, and probably not you. That’s why, whether you use breast milk from pumping or formula, bottles are so nice to use. The only problem with them is, they can get kind of funky if they aren’t cleaned properly. That is why, of course, you are on the search for the best bottle brush.

Well, you have come to the right place! I have searched hither and yon to find the best of the best bottle brushes out there for my own family, and now I’ll share all of that insight with you! In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about brushes and dive into the market to review some of the best available ones out there. Sound good? I thought so! Let’s get to it!

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Buyer's Guide

Types of Brushes

All brushes nowadays are going to have a plastic handle and maybe a rubber grip. Where they will differ, however, is in the brush themselves. Some brushes will use bristles, while others will use scrubbers.

1. Bristle

If you were to close your eyes and imagine a brush, any brush really, you’d probably come up with a bristle type. They use long sturdy bristles to scrub away dirt and grime. These bristles are generally easy to clean, though you need to make sure that they don’t fall off the brush from too much vigorous scrubbing. If they do, you need to be sure to get them out, as they could cause a problem if your child ingests them.

2. Scrubby 

A scrubby brush is usually made from a tough and course material, akin to a rough sponge. These brushes are a bit tougher to keep clean, but you don’t need to worry about any bristles coming off of them when you clean a bottle with them. They are especially effective on dried on and sticky stains since you can use them with more force than a bristle brush.

What To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Bottle Brush

When you are looking for the best bottle brush, there are several things that you need to keep in mind aside from the brush type.

Width – Plainly put, the width of the brush is going to go a long way in determining how effective it will be at cleaning out a bottle. Generally, you would want to go with the widest available brush, since it will have the largest cleaning surface area.

However, you don’t want the brush to be too large since it might not fit into some bottles, which would make it an ineffective cleaner. You should always look for a brush that is as big as possible for the bottles you want to clean, without going overboard.

Length – Since you’ll be using these brushes for baby bottles, the length isn’t that big of a deal. Even if you keep using them once your child graduates to sippy cups, the overall length doesn’t need to be overly large. However, if you do choose to go with a long handled brush, you will get a bit more leverage out of your scrubbing, which would be a big help when cleaning stuck on muck and grime from the inside of a bottle.

Bottle Compatibility – Certain bottles will work better with certain brushes. This is due to the different size mouths and necks of the bottles on the market.

Crushability – Bottle brushes need to have a little bit of give to them so that you can easily and effectively get them into small spaces and scrub away. However, you also don’t want a to have a brush that crushes down too quickly or to too small a size without enough spring back, as this would keep it from cleaning the bottles effectively.

Durability – As I said earlier, some brushes will begin to fall apart if you use them too vigorously. Make sure that the brushes that you purchase are not only made well but will last you a long time, because who wants to go out and get a new brush every time after you wash the dishes?

Easy To Clean – You want to make sure that you get a brush that is quick and easy to clean since you won’t be able to wash bottles very well with a dirty old brush, now will you? Always make sure that you get a brush that you can put through the dishwasher, as this will save you tons of time in the long run.

Straw/Nipple Brush – One of the hardest to clean parts of any bottles is the small spout inside of the nipple or the straw in an older child’s sippy cup. These small openings need a specialized brush that is designed to not only fit into these small spaces but to clean them effectively as well. Not all bottle brushes come with this useful tool, so be sure to look carefully to assure that you get one when you go to buy your brush.

The Good: Of all the different products that I looked into, this just might be the best bottle brush out there. It comes with its own stand, which helps keep it upright and on hand when you need it the most, but also out of the way when you are washing other items. This upright position also helps the brush to keep clean and dry quickly after use.

One of the coolest features of this brush is the nipple cleaner. It is built right into the handle and can be accessed quickly and easily. Since it is attached to the regular brushes handle, it is extremely comfortable to use and provides plenty of scrubbing power as well.

The Bad: While the bristles are really durable, this is not an overly wide brush. It might have a tough time cleaning bottles with larger sized bodies, as it simply might not reach the sides successfully.

The Long and Short of It: This brush, which you can view here, is a great product with an innovative storage system for its nipple brush. It will only work in small to medium sized bottles, however.

2. Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush

The Good: This brush from Playtex, which you can view here, is very similar to the first brush we talked about. It features the same handle storage system for the nipple brush and has an effective set of main bristles to handle soft or hard scrubbing. The bristles are nice and soft so as not to do any damage your bottles or their spouts.

The Bad: These bristles are again a bit undersized, as is the handle of the brush. While this might not be the biggest deal for a baby bottle, it might not be too effective on an older child’s cups or bottles, should you choose to use it for such.

The softness of the bristles might also be a big problem if you try to use them with too much force. I could see this brush falling apart quickly if you try to use it too hard.

The Long and Short of It: A small yet effective brush for most baby bottles, the SmartSpace has an innovative nipple brush design that helps it to be compact and useful. While the bristles are very soft to prevent damage to the bottles being cleaned, they might not last too long.

3. Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Brush

The Good: Unlike the other brushes on this list, this one from Philips, which you can check out here, doesn’t have bristles on all sides. While this might sound like a disadvantage, it really comes in handy, since it allows you to easily reach in and clean all the sides of a bottle regardless of how wide it is. The bristles also curve at the tip, which will allow you to scrub the bottom of the bottles as well.

The Bad: The only bad thing about the arrangement of the bristles on this brush is that it might take you a bit longer to clean some bottles since you will have to turn the brush in order to reach every part. However, this really isn’t that big of a deal, and will only cost you a couple of extra seconds per bottle.

The Long and Short of It: This brush from Philips is extremely effective at getting into most any bottle and cleaning them with ease.

4. Long Bottle Brush Cleaner Set

The Good: The set of brushes is really interesting. They are the best scrubby brushes that I found and are a nice alternative to bristles. They feature really long flexible handles, making them ideal for use with any type of bottles. The scrubbers are soft to the touch, yet sturdy enough to scrub out your baby bottles until they are nice and clean.

The Bad: While these brushes clean pretty well, they are tough to keep clean. While it takes them a while to soak up any dirt and grime from the bottles that you are working on, once it gets onto the brushes, you’ll have a tough time getting it back off again.

The Long and Short of It: These scrubber type brushes, which you can check out here, are easy to use and won’t fall apart as quickly as a bristle brush. However, they can be a bit difficult to clean once they get dirty, so you need to be sure to rinse them regularly.

5. Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush

The Good: This brush, which can be viewed here, is a standard 360-degree bristle style brush with one unique twist. On the top of the brush, there is a soft and flexible sponge, rather than bristles. This will allow you to scrub the bottom of your bottle quickly and effectively, without leaving a lot of gunk and grime behind.

The Bad: The sponge, while a nice innovation for the first couple of uses, will quickly begin to break down, leaving, if you aren’t careful, bits and pieces behind as you clean. Needless to say, this is not really all that helpful when, you know, you’re attempting to clean the bottle and end up making it dirty in a different way.

The Long and Short of It: Dr. Brown’s brush would be great for occasional use, as the sponge is great at getting into hard to reach and clean places. Unfortunately, if the sponge is used too often, it will break down and leave pieces behind.

And The Winner Is...

After a lot of careful consideration, I am proud to pronounce that the OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand is my choice for the very best bottle brush available on the market today. Its innovative and easy to clean design, soft yet durable bristles and nipple brush makes it a great choice. I highly recommend you check it out!

A Clean Sweep!

And there you have it! Now you know everything you need to know in order to get the very best brush for your baby’s bottles. Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand what you need to look for and guided you towards the perfect brush! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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