What To Look For In The Best Baby Jumper (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

A baby jumper can have loads of benefits for both you and your child. This makes it an essential piece for every parent. But what features help to create the best baby jumper? What are some of the benefits of having one? What are some of the types available? Read on, and you'll find out!

Buyer's Guide

What Are The Benefits Of A Jumper?

A jumper can help both you and your baby in a variety of ways. They can provide:

Exercise - As the name may suggest, a jumper is designed to get your child jumping in a controlled manner. This will provide your little one with plenty of exercises since they will be using their leg muscles to jump and turn inside of the jumper.

This is great for infants who are ready to crawl or are close to walking (6 months to a year) and will give them the necessary muscles to complete those tasks. It is particularly useful because they get to use their legs without having to support their full weight.

Entertainment - The best baby jumper will most likely feature some toys for your little one to interact with while they are jumping. This will help to stimulate their little minds and provide plenty of self-driven playtimes.

Parental Break - I am the father of two boys...two boys who love nothing more than to be held, ALL THE TIME. Once they reached the age where they could use their jumper safely, it gave my wife and I a much-needed break from holding them all of the time.

We were better able to help each other to complete routine tasks, like make dinner, clean dishes, or fold laundry since our babies didn't need us quite as much. While we love holding both of our boys, it is always nice to be able to take a bit of a break.

Why Should You Get A New Jumper?

best baby jumper

Safety - When I was younger, my mother would watch my little cousin and got her a used jumper. Now, this was the older kind of jumper, the kind that you hang in the doorway by one strap and allows the child to bounce to great heights. My mom got it used at a yard sale, and my cousin started using it. She liked it! However, she only got to use it for a week or so before it broke.

One day while she was jumping, one of the cords snapped, and she went tumbling to the floor. Thankfully, she fell onto a carpeted area and wasn’t hurt at all. Needless to say, my mom went and got a newer jumper after that!

But that just goes to show you, when it comes to safety, a newer jumper will be a safer jumper. You don’t know what types of abuse an older model might have gone through, and I, would not like to take the risk of my child getting hurt just to save a few dollars.

Newer Materials - With a new jumper comes new materials that have not been chewed on spit up on, or had the chance to break down. You will be the first to use it, which guarantees a better, and safer, performance.

Cleanliness - As I mentioned above, you don’t know what kinds of abuse an older jumper has been through. This is an item for a baby after all, and I don’t think I need to go into too many details of what could have happened to an older jumper that you won’t know about. To guarantee a fresh start, it makes the most sense to purchase a new jumper.

What To Look For In The Best Baby Jumper

best baby jumper

1. Type of Jumper

There are two distinct types of baby jumpers. You can either get a doorway jumper or an activity jumper. While they both serve the same basic purpose, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each.

Activity Jumper - An activity jumper will feature a seat suspended bungees and surrounded by different interactive elements. It is portable, allowing you to move it where you need it. The only real drawback to a jumper of this type is the price. They are more expensive than a doorway jumper.

Doorway - A cheaper alternative to an activity jumper, the doorway version will consist of bungee straps which attach to a door frame and a place for your child to sit. They do not feature any interactive components for your child to play with.

2. Weight Limit

Each jumper will have a weight limit that you must adhere to for your child’s safety. If they are too heavy, you run the risk of the jumper breaking, which could lead to serious bodily harm.

3. Suspender

Make sure that the jumper you are looking into has more than one elastic jumping strap. This will make sure that your child is only able to jump up and down, not side to side.

4. Seat

Every type of jumper will have its unique type of seat. You should look for one that is comfortable with plenty of padding, removable, washable, and can be adjusted to fit your child as they grow.

5. Adjustable Height

A baby jumper is not a small investment, which means you should try to get as much value as possible for your money. Part of that value will be if your baby can use the jumper for a longer period. Being able to adjust the height to accommodate your growing baby better helps add value and extend the life of your jumper.

6. Toys

Try to look for toys that will be of high interest to your child. The more there is to do, the more time your child will want to spend in their jumper. This can include: flashing lights, noises, mirrors, spinning or rotating parts.

7. Storability

Even though you want to get a jumper that your child will like to use a lot of the time, there will be times that you need to put it away. Perhaps you’re going to have friends over, or you are planning a party, a jumper takes up a lot of room and will be in the way. That’s why you need to look for a jumper than can be easily broken down and stored away quickly.

8. Safety

You should feel confident while your child is in their jumper that they will be safe. Make sure you keep them strapped into the seat and that the straps are snug. Always use the jumper on a level surface away from stairs. Do not add any toys to the jumper, especially anything that has a long string, as this can be a strangulation hazard. 

Top Five Best Baby Jumpers

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Good: This baby jumper is the same model that I have used with my children. It is highly engaging since it has lots of different toys for children to play with. Some of the toys are easy to reach and will make different animal sounds when they are activated, while some of the toys hang from overhead, giving your baby some motivation to jump, which will help to increase their leg strength.

The height of the seat is adjustable to three different levels, meaning that you will get plenty of use from this jumper. Since it is an activity jumper, it does not require a doorway to use, which makes it more portable. It is also a breeze to fold up and move from room to room or store away if you need more floor space.

The Bad: The only con for this jumper is that, while the seat can rotate, it was not easily accomplished. That means that even though the seat has lots of different interactive options, your baby might not be able to access all of them until they are older and have more leg strength.

The Long and Short of It: A great overall value with lots of great interactive toys and noises, the Jumperoo has three different height settings. Though the seat can be turned, a younger baby might not be able to accomplish this on their own. If you would like more information about the Jumperoo, please check here or you can watch this helpful video.

The Good: A fun, interactive, and educational experience, the Baby Einstein Jumper has lots of different activity areas to keep your child entertained. One of its best features is a turtle that can be detached from the jumper and played with on the floor or the go.

Since it is a Baby Einstein product, it comes equipped with lots of educational tools. The activities work on numbers, shapes, letters, and colors with your baby in a quick paced format. The jumper also comes with a set of flashcards that you can use with your child as well.

The Bad: While this is a great jumper, it is on the smaller side. This is great because it takes up less room than other jumpers, but is also a problem because your baby will most likely grow out of it sooner rather than later.

The Long and Short of It: A highly educational jumper with a small footprint, the Baby Einstein jumper comes equipped with lots of interactive toys to keep your baby engaged. Since it is on the smaller side, your baby may outgrow it sooner than you would like. To find out more about its educational benefits, please check here.

3. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

The Good: out of all of the activity jumpers that are on this list, this is by far the biggest. It will take up the most room, and is the most cumbersome to move around. That being said, it will accommodate your child for a longer period than some of the others jumpers on the market, so it may be a tradeoff you are willing to make.

While it has plenty of activities to keep your child engaged, it is not overly busy. Your child will most likely not become overwhelmed when they use this jumper and will instead stay focused on one activity for longer before moving on to another one using the comfortable swivel seat.

The Bad: while the ExerSaucer can be adjusted to fit multiple heights, you need to be careful once your baby gets on the taller side. There is not strap to keep them in their seat, and so they may be able to jump out of the harness. As long as you stay with them, however, they should be ok.

The Long and Short of It: A large activity jumper that can accommodate your child for a long while, the ExerSaucer has lots of activities to engage your baby without being overwhelming. It can be a bit hard to move, however, and its lack of a safety strap may make it hazardous for big jumpers. To learn more about its features and activities, please check here.

4. Graco Bumper Jumper

The Good: the first doorway jumper on our list, the Graco Bumper Jumper is ideal for older or newer homes with large molding around their door frames. It can quickly clamp onto any wide door frame and remain secure. It is easily transportable from room to room, making it easy to take wherever you are going to be.

It has minimal activities for your baby to interact with in comparison to the activity jumpers. However, since it is attached from above, it allows kids to jump a whole lot higher and with more vigor than an activity jumper.

The Bad: while this added jumping ability is great for muscle development, it does pose some extra risks. You need to be sure that the straps are snug and secure, or your baby could fall right out. While this sounds like common sense, the straps can be a bit finicky, so you’ll want to be sure to check them often. You also need to be sure that the jumper stays attached at the top or your baby will take a tumble.

The Long and Short of It: A doorway jumper that allows your little one to jump to great heights, the Bumper Jumper can be a safe alternative to an activity jumper. However, be sure that your child is properly strapped in and the attachment hook is secure, or your baby could be severely hurt. To learn more about the Bumper Jumper, you can check it out here.

5. Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

The Good: this product is very similar to a doorway jumper, but comes with a stand instead, making it more portable and usable by families with smaller door frames. The Jolly Jumper allows your child to jump very freely since it has a large stand that provides lots of jumping space.

However, the stand takes up an awful lot of space, and if you have a smaller home or apartment, than this jumper would not be for you. It is also difficult to put together and take apart.

The Bad: once you get your baby into it, they will enjoy the experience, but you will most likely not enjoy getting them in and out. The straps were difficult to get just right, and the stand made it hard to put the baby in with it attached to the stand. It is recommended that you put your baby in the harness and then attach it to the stand.

The Long and Short of It: The Jolly Jumper provides lots of jumping room for your little one, but will take up a lot of your floor space. It can also be a bit tricky to get your baby in and out of. If you are interested in the Jolly Jumper, please click here to check it out.

So Which Jumper is the Best?

And the winner is Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo! Out of all the products that were reviewed, this one is easily the best baby jumper on the market today. Its combination of portability, interactivity, and safety can't be beaten. If you want to find out more about this great jumper, you can check it out here.

Now That You Know Our Choice, What Do You Think?

So there you have it, our recommendation for the best baby jumper! Have you tried any of the jumpers on our list? Or maybe you have another jumper you’re surprised we didn’t feature. If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments section! Until next time, happy bouncing!

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