Does Your Baby Farts A Lot? Read This First!

As embarrassing as it may seem, babies are a naturally gassy group. Even though you may be thinking, “Man, my baby farts a lot!”, it isn’t unusual in the least for a baby to have excessive amounts of gas.

There may be some lots of causes for your baby’s gassiness, and if you want to stop it, you might have to find the source first. In this article, we will discuss causes for gassiness and ways to relieve it.

Why Does My Baby Have So Much Gas?

They’re New Around Here - Since your baby's body systems are just getting up and running for the first time, they do not work as efficiently as an older child's will. Therefore, they will be naturally gassier.

What Are You Eating? - If you are breastfeeding, your diet may influence the amount of gas your baby has. Try cutting out foods that give you gas, like onions, garlic, hot sauce, or mushrooms.

Position - Whenever they are nursing or drinking from their bottle, their position is important. Try to keep your child elevated, so they don't suck in the extra air while they are eating.

What Are They Eating? - If you child has moved on to solids, they may get gassy over certain foods. If you notice an uptick in their farts, try to limit the amounts of the foods that caused the gas.

How Can I Get Rid Of Their Gas?

1. Burp Them

This is an excellent way to keep your baby from farting since it will get the gas out the top before it can filter out of the bottom. You can try the older method of burping as shown in this video.

The basic idea for these tried and true methods is to pat the child’s back in various positions. You can hold them up on your shoulder, bent forward on your lap, or on their belly on your lap. Each position puts a bit of pressure on their stomach, making the gas bubbles come out more easily.

If none of these techniques work for you, you might want to try out a newer burping strategy, where you hold the baby on your lap with your hands behind their head and rotate the top part of their body in a circle. This should help to release your child’s burps quickly and efficiently. For a demonstration of this strategy, check out this video.

2. Bicycle Their Legs

As shown in this video, if you lay your baby on their back and bicycle their legs up and down, you might be able to release their gas for them.

3. Change Your Diet

If you are breastfeeding and your baby is unusually gassy, you might be eating some type of food that is upsetting their stomach. Take a careful analysis of what you are eating, and if you think something is causing your child's gas, you can remove it from your diet.

The most likely source of gassiness from your diet is going to be dairy products, onions, or spices. Try removing these from your diet to see if the gas will go away. Then start to add one item back at a time to see which was affecting your baby

4. Change The Feeding Angle

Make sure that your baby can eat without taking excess air. If your child is lying too far onto their back, they might not be able to drink without gulping air. Here is a site that offers some helpful tips on breastfeeding.

5. Let Their Formula Settle

Another big culprit when it comes to excess gas can be formula fed babies, especially babies that are fed with a formula that you need to mix. If you use this type of formula, be sure to let it settle before feeding it to your baby, since the mixing process creates lots of air bubbles.

6. Change Their Diet

If your child has excess gas, it might be a good idea to switch up their diet.

Formula Fed - By changing your formula fed baby to a premixed formula or one for sensitive stomachs, you might be able to alleviate your excessively gassy baby.

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Solid Foods - Just as you may have to adjust your diet to help a breastfeeding baby’s gas, you might have to do the same for a child who is eating solids. It might be a good idea to let your child try one new food at a time so you can make sure that the foods are gas causing.

7. Gas Drops

If all else fails, you can always attempt to alleviate your child's gas with some form of gas drops. I have used them in the past for both of my sons, and they usually brought almost immediate relief.

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What A Relief!

As a parent, I know that it can seem so terribly embarrassing when a baby farts a lot. However, for lots of reasons, they aren't able to help it. Still, as a parent, you don't want your kid to be known as the gassy one. That's why you should either take some steps to rid your child of their gassiness. Hopefully one of the methods that are in this article will prove helpful to you.

Good luck, and I hope a fair wind soon blows your way!

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